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 Friday, April 01, 2011!
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Hello Healthnuts,

This month we are goijng to focus our attention toward GETTING OUT of the house and ENJOYING the Outside Sun and Air. Whether you Run, Jog or just Walk, there are many beautiful days to "Just Get Out and Do It". It doesn't matter if you run 1/2 mile or 5 miles... the KEY is to Do It. Your body will respond in such a positive way by adding more oxygen to your blood thus waking the body up and actually giving you a little more energy to continue. And when you are done, you will feel better as those toxins are flushed out of your body through your sweat glands and pores ... more.

Fitness and Health Magazine Web Designer, Network Engineer and the several of the Sales Staff, are joining the DFW Walk for Lupus in Dallas on April 09 benefiting the Lupus Foundation of America, 15660 North Dallas Parkway. You can Join Us and hundreds of others, for one of the most unique events in Dallas! Hundreds of people will take on the challenge and helping a great cause to help raise money for a cure and will also benefit your fitness and health program. more.



During any exercise program it is more important to use the proper range of motion as well as the correct positioning of the resistance for each exercise. Another key element is the proper breathing techniques. Always remember to breath during your exercises and never hold your breath. One of the resasons we use strong breathing patterns is to feed our muscles more Oxygen through the Blood.

Set yourself up an "A" Day and a "B" Day workout schedule. Then alternate workout schedules with your days. This will allow your muscles the proper recovery time for toning and more.

NOTE: Always consult your physician before starting any exercise program to verify that your body is in well enough condition to endure such exercise.



A good breakfast is the best way to wake the body up and prepare it for a day thats alive. Oatmeal, using frozen blueberries, strawberries or any other fruit to sweeten it up naturally and egg whites are always a great start. Remember to remove the egg yolks as there is not much nutritional benefit and is a HIGH CHOLESTEROL item which could lead to heart problems in the future. Cholesterol platelettes coagulate and adhere to the insides of our arteries and in time actually make the pasage smaller and smaller, thus increasing our blood pressure. High blood pressure medicaqtion only thins out our blood and does NOT clean up our arteries and will only remove the WARNING LIGHT our body is giving us. Eventually it will close up the artery and an Emergency Bypass Surgery will be necessary to keep you alive. You can avoid these high risks by thinking ahead and making the right choices now.

Contrary to what many so called Diet Experts claim, carbohydrates are actually a FUEL for muscle building. There is one important catch to it all though... If you DON'T USE that fuel and get a good workout, it will then turn to glucose and at THAT time will become a fuel for FAT. In other words, don't eat carbs then go sit at your computer the next 2 hours. more.



Echinacea has been used orally to stimulate the immune system of the body. Echinacea is most commonly used in the treatment of the common cold. Echinacea is also used topically in the treatment of wounds and burns.

What are Probiotics, and why the need? Antibiotics have been used for a number of years to fight infections and ward off harmful bacteria. Antibiotic means "against life."

Probiotics, on the other hand, means "promoting life." Probiotics are living organisms (also known as bacteria or flora) that colonize and flourish in the healthy intestine. These friendly bacteria are vital to health and to the proper functioning of the intestinal tract. In fact, the healthy intestine contains approximately three pounds of friendly flora.

Natural Remedies

Home Remedies

Home remedies For centuries, herbal remedies are used to treat illnesses and to restore the body to health. They are believed to be the oldest form of healthcare known to mankind. They increase overall health, vitality, and life expectancy. The low risks and potential for no side effects make herbal remedies appealing when compared with commercial medicines.

An alkaline diet involves eating a special diet high in alkaline foods and low in acidic foods. This is suggested by advocates as a method of preventing cancer, slowing the growth of tumors and aiding in cancer treatments. Advocates believe that eating certain foods will alter the pH balance of the body, thus making the environment less hospitable to tumors, but these beliefs are not endorsed by the medical community.

This Month's Focus

Avoiding Sickness is high on our priority list this month. Good Nutrition as well as Exercise is the Key to staying well. But we still need those Omega's and Antioxidants and free radicals to more.

Until Next month,
Break a Sweat and Make it Count,

Ryan Barnes
Fitness and Health Magazine

P.S. Don't forget your antioxidants and keep your Vegetable and Fruit intake high!

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