APRIL 2014

Fitness & Health Magazine welcomes Julian Sado, President/CEO Firm-Donkey Fitness Inc.

Julian Sado, Editorial Columnnist, joins Fitness and Health Magaine with the latest imformation about Exercise, Nutrition, Wellness of the Body and Mind!

For those who have or ever had a pet, we can all agree that there is a huge amount of love for our animals. Studies have shown, time-and-time again, that people and their pets have one of the strongest bonds, even stronger than family at times. We have heard of custody battles and risking our lives to rescue our pet from a frozen lake, to dog hotels that cost more than a resort for humans. There is an entire industry out there to make pets more comfortable than we are because there is a market for it. I grew up in Los Angeles, CA so if there is such a thing as reincarnation, I would want to be a Beverly Hills Bitch (dog).

When my two boys were around the age of nine and ten, they decided that they wanted a dog as a pet. My dreams of having a Labrador was shot-down by my wife so after putting my kids to work in our community we ended up getting a She-Tzu and Poodle mix so basically a "Shit-Poo/mutt"!

My Point to this story

Ever since our dog has been house-trained, my wife and I have walked him every morning without fail! To date for the past three years, Mojo has been walked equaling over 1,068 days. No matter how late I am to work, no matter what time I went to bed, how sick I may feel, or other priorities that impact my life...we have always (I mean always) have made the time to walk this damn dog for no- less than 20 min a day.

Why can I find time to walk this dog every day but I am quick to put off other things more important? It's because we love our little Shit-Poo Mojo. The love of something is what generates the commitment to it. At first, it was a challenge and we found ourselves bitter and walking this mutt over obligation. The anger would set in when this little creature did not piss and poop fast enough; but over time, the habit of taking him out every morning became a commitment that turned instinctive! Over time, it became more uncomfortable NOT to walk him then to walk him because our conscious would nudge us if we even considered not walking him.

Now imagine you doing anything healthy for yourself none-stop for 1,068 days for no less than 20 min a day. At first, it would be done with dread but because of the struggle and the little rewards like a wagging tail (this could mean for us someone saying to you, "You are looking good!") you begin to appreciate the struggle. Overtime, you begin to love it and if you stick to it, it becomes an instinctive habit.

Do you love yourself enough to take yourself for a walk daily for no less than 20 minutes? If you don't, you first have to get in touch with what prevents you from loving yourself enough.

One reason, we love our pets so much is because of the perfect acceptance of who we are all of the time. We can learn a lot from a pet when it comes to self-talk. Animals transcends human affection because our pets do not judge us...they are completely accepting of our moods, looks, car, teeth, pimples, job, and everything in-between. We love them more than we love ourselves because we are continually judging ourselves and comparing ourselves to everything we are not.

To truly be fit, you first must accept who you are without comparing yourself to others. Then love thy self as you would love a pet. Make yourself do things you may not enjoy at first and realize over time that consistent action is what creates habits that become instinctive. Consider that you need to be walked daily (figuratively) and by doing this; you will fall in love with you.

Health / Wellness Coach & Speaker
Firm-Donkey Fitness Inc.

About The Author: F. Julian Sado

Sado is the CEO and Founder of With his long time passion for Entrepreneurship, mind/body/spiritual development, & success, Sado started his website with the intention of educating and inspiring likeminded people all over the world. His goal has been to get everyone to find value in all levels of fitness even those levels that are not trending in the media. Sado's passion for what he does shows through the continual growth of online community. Follow Firm-Donkey on Twitter or keep up to date with him on Facebook.

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